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Farm Name – Ilicinea Falls
Owner – Bruno Menali Oliveira & Joaquim de Oliveira
Location – Ilicinea, Sul de Minas
Altitude – 1200 – 1250 masl
Process – Natural
Variety – Topazio & Mundo Novo
Cup Profile – Toffee, Cranberry, Buttery
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Situated on the border of Sul De Minas and the Cerrado sits the mountainous region of Ilicinea with farms rising from 1100 – 1320 masl before the land falls away into the expanse of the cerrado. The area is made up of 6 communities. This beautiful area is blessed with a microclimate that provides conditions for producing unique and intriguing coffees. The region’s soil is known as cambissolo where the rock is still turning to soil, this places its own unique stress on the plants and the maturation on the cherry. Prior the growers here really struggled with the winds that ravaged the crops, through inquisition and help they have put in systems and planted trees to help minimise the effect of the wind. The region is still relatively new in terms of knowledge about it as coffees were previously sold under the names of other regions until recently. Now these farms are being recognised for the unique coffees they produce in relation to the region & Brazil.

These coffee is a blend of two farms.

Fazenda Conquista was established in 1910 and has always been one of the main producers in the Ilicinea region. Initially founded by Mr. Juca de Oliveira, who was always challenging the way he grew coffee to improve and change. Now the farm is run by his great grandson Bruno Menali Oliveira who gave up his work as a lawyer to farm coffee. Bruno is like his grandfather looking at ways to improve the quality of his post-harvest production as well as the education and working environment of his staff. They have 8 staff on the farm to help with the harvest and maintain the medium sized estate during the year. They are able to harvest 30% of the farm mechanically and the remaining 70% manually due to the geography. Once the coffee is harvested from the trees it is then laid out on patios in the natural sun for 7 days until it reaches 15% moisture. From here it is then transferred to a mechanical dryer for 3 days until the desired 11 % moisture is reached.

Fazenda Corrego Bonito has been part of the family for 100 years in this corner of Sul De Minas in the hills of Ilicinea. Orlando and his wife Maguali are the head of the family with their sons Joaquim and Beto running the farms throughout the year until the harvest where they require help from 10 -12 pickers. Joaquim is a qualified coffee technician and is using his knowledge to help the family advance with their production of specialty coffee. They have acquired more pockets of land over the years and now have 48 ha after they have used premiums from specialty coffee to increase their farms as well as invest in post-harvest machinery to add value and control over their coffee. They have also increased their patio drying capacity as well to allow for the extra volumes they are producing. All the family are close to each other in small houses around the main farm and patio.

Once the coffee is harvested from the trees it is then laid out on patios in the natural sun for 7 days until it reaches 11% moisture. They have to hire a mobile cleaning/milling machine that they are able to prepare the coffee with before delivering it to the cooperative.

The Cocatrel Cooperative now have a buying point in Ilicinea as well to support these producers and help them secure their coffees in a safe location as well as access specialty premiums.

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250g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Coarse (Chemex/Cafetiere), Medium (V60/Kalita/Aeropress), Fine(espresso/moka)