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Farm Name – Organic Micolot
Owners – Rubiel Guetia, Juan Pablo Emilio Poscue and Feliciano Yunda
Location – Caldono, Cauca
Altitude – 1600 – 1800 masl
Process – Washed
Variety – Colombia,  Castillo, Tambo
Cup Profile – Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Caramel
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This coffee comes from three producers located in the Veredas of Cerro Alto and Gerbala in Caldono municipality of Cauca. the names of the producers are Rubiel Guetia, Juan Pablo Emilio Poscue and Feliciano Yunda who are all members of the Comepcafe Cooperative based in Piendamo Cauca.

These farmers come from the descendants of the Naza and Paices people from this part of Colombia and work traditionally with the land growing their coffee in the volcanic loam soil of the area. They have their farms situated between 1600 – 1800 masl proving a good base for producing high quality coffee.

The coffees are pulped on the farms in traditional beneficios on small pulping machines before then being dry fermented in tiled tanks overnight for 12-16 hours. After this the coffees are then dried for 7- 10 days in parabolic tents on raised beds.

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250g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Coarse (Chemex/Cafetiere), Medium (V60/Kalita/Aeropress), Fine(espresso/moka)