FARM NAME : Josue Santiago Villeda

ALTITUDE: 1500 masl
VARIETY: Parainema-Lempira
CUP PROFILE: Apricot, Black Tea, Strawberry, Floral

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José Santiago Villeda Flores, a passionate coffee producer, has carried on his family’s legacy across generations, dedicating himself to coffee cultivation since his childhood. Born and raised in the heart of a family committed to this noble work, he has left an indelible mark on the La Bendición estate, located in the municipality of Las Flores, in the department of Lempira, Honduras.

At an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, this privileged place has witnessed the effort and dedication of José Santiago. Since his early years, at the young age of 7, José Santiago accompanied his father in the arduous task of walking through the extensive estates. It was there that his education in the art of coffee cultivation began. His father, a mentor and guide, imparted him with fundamental knowledge, from soil preparation to the delicate process of harvesting each bean. Through this special connection with the land and family tradition, José Santiago developed a profound understanding and love for coffee.

The Villeda Flores family worked together at each stage of the coffee growing process. José Santiago’s mother and siblings joined him and his father, providing support in all coffee-related activities. From household chores to work on the estate, collaboration and joint effort were the pillars that supported the success of La Bendición. Over time, the estate became a tangible testimony to the Villeda Flores family’s hard work and dedication.

The altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, along with the Parainema variety they grew, endowed the coffee from La Bendición with unique and exceptional characteristics. Each cup of coffee produced on this estate carried with it the history, commitment and love of generations of coffee producers. José Santiago Villeda Flores’s legacy lies not only in the quality of the Lempira beans he grows, but also in the tradition rooted in his family. His story testifies to the passion passed down from generation to generation, a profound connection with the land, and the determination to preserve and elevate the noble tradition of coffee cultivation in the region.

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250g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Coarse (Chemex/Cafetiere), Medium (V60/Kalita/Aeropress), Fine(espresso/moka)